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A former thief (Nicolas Cage) has simply 12 hours to give you $10 million after his former partner (Josh Lucas) kidnaps his daughter and locks her in a cab.

unlock date: 22 March 2013 (united kingdom)
Director: Simon West
price range: 35 million USD
box workplace: 17.97 million USD
Languages: English, Swedish

The revenge plot has been carried out to death. Kidnapping the protagonist’s daughter has been performed to death. the whole thing about this film has been executed prior to, and performed so much, a lot better. this is just another extortion film the place the former friend of a former bank robber wants his share of the heist, and kidnaps the hero’s (Nicolas Cage) daughter as ransom. the object is, Cage burned the cash. So how is he going to pay this lunatic? neatly, he’s gotta commit yet another heist for it to be in all places. Sound predictable? That’s as a result of it is.

each beat of this film is predictable. It wouldn’t be so unhealthy if they delivered some depth to the characters but the whole thing is so one-dimensional. Will (Nicolas Cage) loves his daughter and used to rob banks – that’s all we get as far as personality building. Vincent (performed by using Josh Lucas) desires cash. They both were involved with a theft long gone unsuitable in the beginning of the movie and will burned the money sooner than being arrested and jailed for eight years, however Vincent still desires his share. He waited eight years to exact his revenge. Eight. And the diabolical plan he got here up with throughout that time is to kidnap Will’s daughter and threaten to kill her if he doesn’t get paid. It’s like the writers weren’t even trying.

What the writers do is give an explanation for the whole thing that’s taking place to the target audience. They spoon-feed everything with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and this constitutes about 90% of the communicate: Explaining what you are seeing on reveal. the opposite 10% is pressured relationships and throwaway police banter. It’s truly silly. watching the film on mute is most definitely far more pleasing.

Let’s talk concerning the villain for a minute as a result of he’s in reality relatively a personality, or sketch somewhat. He has no persona in anyway so they provide him all of those weird features to mask the fact that he’s boring as all f*ck. A metal stick for a leg, long messy hair, a rugged shady appear, a twisted feel of morals, and he’s a cab driver. It’s like child’s first psychopath. Now I don’t blame Josh Lucas for this at all, in truth he makes the character watchable, but no longer even excellent performing can save the villain from being a strolling, talking cliché.

The police are simply silly in this. Stupider than basic in fact. They’re no longer even worth speaking about. All you need to be aware of is that you know what you’re getting into with this film earlier than it even starts and it gives you absolutely no surprises or suspense. It’s a by using-the-numbers motion thriller with Nicolas Cage. It has a couple of humorous moments sure, most are accidental, but should you’re hoping that this might at the least be a enjoyable, over-the-prime Nicolas Cage motion movie, then I’m afraid you’ll be sorely disappointed. Stolen is overwhelmingly and every so often painfully average.

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