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SYNOPSIS: five graduates who’re pals while away their lives idly. In walks a lady who stirs things up…

assessment: The promo materials of Pattathari have a definite sheen to them, giving upward push to the hope that this will be a type of small movies that turn out to be a candy shock. but sadly, the movie is anything but that. It has a story that has been advised umpteen instances on reveal and in a lot better fashion. it is the story of 5 graduates who whereas away their time at the tea save where their friend works. each and every one has their own romance going and up until the 2nd 1/2, we principally see them simplest in the tea retailer or in a bar, where they pick up fights, both on their own or inadvertently. after which, Ilakiya (Adhiti) tells certainly one of them, Siva (Abisaravanan), that she is in love with him, however he is in no mood to reciprocate. Why doesn’t he wish to get into relationship along with her? With a storyline that is infrequently compelling, it isn’t a surprise that Pattathari feels uneventful. Even the thriller around Siva’s hatred for girls is clichéd (all we get is an overlong flashback component). keep for Adhiti, who is expressive and is a promising find, the opposite actors lack monitor presence, and barely register.

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