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As always a movie suffering from delays slightly has a low profile liberate and it requires an extraordinary effort to get the box workplace ticking. Paambhu Sattai after caught in manufacturing hell is at last out, has Bobby Simha, Keerthy Suresh and Muktha Banu in lead roles. centered on faux foreign money and the politics in the back of it, PS is a wannabe thriller cum sentimental flick, suffers due to some uninspired writing and loses it sheen someplace through the 2nd half, however Paambu Sattai is a watchable movie for its depth and some memorable moments.A small lady spills a grain of rice during her supper, her father (Charlie) notices and provides her a sluggish but prolonged lecture of how even a grain of rice comes from a rice box, eventually lands in her plate after all the process with out being wasted. It’s a phenomenal rationalization, however what drives the scene is how the director portrays the man’s poverty line with a minute lengthy scene. there may be another scene when Simha is in a quandary if he must betray his aware and sees a blind man lecture his son on pickpocketing, extreme! Scenes like these get Paambhu Sattai going, despite the fact that they are only a few in quantity. PS is the story of a person in desperation, how he responds to the placement and overcomes is the story said in a single line. The director has his activity lower out in exhibiting more than a few shades of the movie, a pretend currency scandal, a sensitive relationship between a man and his sister in legislation, his sweet glossed love and all that. by hook or by crook in the process of mixing all these together the writing becomes very predictable and loses its glam.

Bobby Simha is a simpleton who works for a can-water supplier lives along with his sister in regulation after his brother passes away, falls in love in Kollywood’s most predictable structure and to get out of the cash jinx falls in a cash laundering fraud. His desperate measures to maintain everyone satisfied places him in a repair, Simha has rather acted beautifully, his rugged and unclean appears to be like places him right in his personality. the first 1/2 of the movie follows the normal format of a guy who has to stalk his method out to fall in love, most certainly as a result of it was in 2015 ahead of Swati homicide, perhaps the ultimate of the lot to glorify stalking although the love scenes are lovely and comical. Muktha Banu is Simha’s sister in regulation, in a tragic accident loses her husband and so they live together a lot to the predictable scoffs from the public and as everyone round ( Simha, Muktha, Keerthy Suresh) have a hard time relating to cash, it’s up to Simha to make amendments.

The director’s challenge is to membership the fake currency gambit into the relationship drama, he does it with rather in an unconvincing method and that’s when the movie loses its hold. Predictable villains, general corrupt cops, undesirable boxing scenes all these don’t have correlation to one another they usually just stick out the essence of the film. Leaving those in the back of, the emotions and surrounding dialogues win for the movie. Simha shoulders the flick with his lethargic but strong appearing talents, his conversational potential is the key as he towers comedy with Mottai Rajendran, sentiments with Muktha and Keerthy, motion scenes with Guru Somasundaram( small character then). Keerthy Suresh has her activity out as a difficult working lower center category girl, her appearing scenes are very mature. Muktha is but some other underrated actress has a powerful character, her sorrowful eyes do the talking.

Paambhu Sattai works for its sentiments, those desperate and intense moments – then again it might have required extra than that to do the magic. BGM and songs are linear and degree on, so is the cinematography.

Verdict : Paambhu Sattai goes around domestic drama and pretend currency, makes it a watchable film.


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Paambhu Sattai Full film, Paambhu Sattai film DVD, Paambhu Sattai movie on-line, Paambhu Sattai TamilGun, Paambhu Sattai tamilRockers

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